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Our Cheerleading Program & Process

What we work on in practice can be worked on at home, outside, in front of the TV, or at a friend’s house. 

Team Building

Team Building

Cheer & Pom Routines

Cheer & Pom Routines

Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory

Balance & Stretching

Balance & Stretching

Coaching Certifications


How Does Cheerleading Build Character?


Even if you don’t feel like going to practice, go anyway.  If you sign up, you show up. 

Positive Role Model

The team looks up to the coach and performs the best when the varsity girls are cheering them on!

Be Fit, Not Skinny

Cheerleaders come in every single shape and size, we are strong and healthy.


Practice, Practice

Perfect practice makes perfect is a our motto. Going over the moves again and again, ensures safety and perfection.

Builds Trust

To build trust, you need to build bonds. Working in a stunt group a flyer will learn to trust her bases and vise versa. 

Lifelong Friendships

Team is everything. We build each other up not tear each other down.

Utah Velocity Cheer
5180 S. 700 W.
Murray, Utah 84123

5180 S. 700 W. Murray, Utah 84123 (Horizon Elementary)
Mon - Friday 9 am - 8 pm