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Fundraising Info What does fundraising have to do with Cheerleading? What does it teach my child athlete?

For most cheerleading programs, fundraising is serious business.  Between coaching fees, uniforms, camps and competitions, expenses rack up quickly. Thankfully, there are TONS of ways to raise money throughout the year.

Fundraising Teaches Athletes

Teamwork: We work together to achieve a common goal. One of the reasons parents put their children in sports is to make friends and learn to work together. Successful people work well with others and it’s important that kids see these interactions.

Friendly Fun: Fundraisers outside of practice and school give the athletes the ability to learn life skills while interacting with each other and having fun.

Business Skills: While we fundraise your child will learn the importance of marketing and sales. Applying what they’ve learned to solve problems easier, quicker, and more independently. Roles learned will be: handling of money, counting money, eye contact, reading of elevator pitch/sales pitch, etc.

Benefits of Giving Back: It feels great helping others, fundraising is all about raising money for a good cause. Seeing the project through and the result that comes from hard work.

Stay in Touch:  Children learn that making an effort to stay in touch with people is important. We require cheerleaders to reach out to people they know first like family and friends before going Door-to-Door. Helps remind them that family is important and nurturing relationships is too!

Goal Setting: Goal setting helps children understand completing tasks within a specific timeline is important. Children learn about deadlines and apply what they learn from experience as they grow into adults.

What Are You Helping Us to Accomplish?

Utah Velocity Cheer was born with the vision of providing a high quality cheerleading program to families within the communities of Millcreek, Murray, Holladay, Cottonwood Heights, Taylorsville and surrounding areas.

Sponsor a Cheerleader Award: Utah Velocity Cheer offers a sponsor a cheerleader award and is in honor of the most spirited cheerleader within our group. Not only is she awarded the spirit stick but she is granted a scholarship to our program free of charge for one session (1 month value $55). Often we see parents or cheerleader families that cannot afford our program and costs associated. We know things can get overwhelming and life happens – that is why we created this program.

Uniform & Clothing Costs: As you know uniforms aren’t cheap. We offer a high quality uniform which includes 5 pieces: a shell (top), long sleeve crop top, skirt, brief shorts, and 6” metallic purple pom poms. We also offer a variety of warm ups, duffel bags, bows, bracelets, keychains, and UVC swag like yard signs.

Travel Expenses for Football Season: We cheer for the Utah Falconz women’s football team in the spring. They are a regional football team that travels within the US to compete. We are looking to potentially travel with them to semi-close events such as California, or places within reasonable distance. Fundraising money helps us accommodate travel, food, etc. next season 20-21.

Equipment: Wear and tear happens on equipment. We fundraise in order to support the ever growing demand of replacing equipment or buying new equipment such as a trampoline for working on jumps, or a mat for tumbling.

Team Activities: As a squad we believe in team building and working together. After games, or practice our coach wants to take us to get to know each other more. Places like Lagoon, Boondocks, Classic Fun Center, or even Seven Peaks Water park are great places for us to bond and make new friends, even recruit! 

Marketing: As our program grows we want to reach more of the children in the community. We hang youth sports banners and advertising in areas near schools and local to our gym and facilities. 

Camps: Fundraisers help pay for UCA camps, and continued cheer education.

“What is this for?”:

Our company is Utah Velocity Cheer. We use this fundraiser to help sponsor a cheerleader who wants to cheer but isn’t financially capable. We also buy new equipment, travel to different sporting events for the Utah Falconz women’s football, as well as us fundraiser money for uniforms and/or cheer swag. It’s nice to have a fundraiser account in case of emergency or to take advantage of opportunities such as competitions, etc.

“Why should I donate or buy from you?”:

We radiate spirit and truly believe in teamwork making the dream work. Our cheerleaders are motivated to help each other, be good friends to those who need it, and clean up the community around us. Our program is designed to give back to the community and as we grow you’ll see more and more participation from us everywhere you look!

“Do you allow businesses to sponsor you?”:

Yes, if you are interested in sponsoring our program beyond purchasing snacks in our spring fundraiser you can email our coach Katara Martin at

“What programs do you participate in or perform at?”:

Utah Falconz Football, Ute Conference Football for Murray and Taylorsville, Utah State Fair, and parades around Utah.

5180 S. 700 W. Murray, Utah 84123 (Horizon Elementary)
Mon - Friday 9 am - 8 pm